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Studies show that an overwhelming majority of Americans are concerned about climate change but don't know how to act on the issue. Similarly, fifty-five percent of Gen Z youth don’t participate in social activism because they don't know the events, groups, and contacts to work with.

Enter ClimaRate. We're the startup built by activists, made for activists that connects the public with local climate groups, events, and comments in a directory of organizations anonymously ranked by users. ClimaRate works to fill the gap that's keeping potential activists from engaging with their communities, seasoned activists from finding unique climate events, and organizations from finding new members.

Prepare for an immersive, unparalleled activist experience with ClimaRate.


The world's top scientists estimate the Earth has eleven years before it sees the worst effects of climate change. This means it's crucial for this generation to urge our lawmakers and directly take action to prevent the future climate catastrophe.


Power in numbers—the sole prerequisite to effective activism and change is working among others or with an established organization. ClimaRate connects the activist with the groups, events, and people, enabling the change to happen.


In American society, change happens from the grassroots up, from the people to the law. With organizations and at events, activists work together to urge their representatives and rewrite the law and directly take hands-on action within their communities.

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